I totally DO have something to blog about today.

Oh Man.  This is embarrassing.  I should NOT have posted that last post at all.

Today is my mom’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.  She’s 62 today but you wouldn’t believe it to meet her.

I figure I’ll tell you a little bit about my mom and why she is so awesome because I don’t think I’ve done that before.

My mom is my best friend.  And not in that nerdy, nobody really likes me but my mom kinda way, in the she’s the person I talk to when I get upset and who I like to go to the movies with kinda way.

See, my mom has worked with teenagers as a teacher, then Magnet Program Facilitator, and now Social Studies Specialist, fordecades.  So, growing up, there wasn’t anything weird I could do that she hadn’t already seen happen 10x worse.  She has always been open and honest and realistic with me, and that makes me the open-minded person I strive to be.

Right now my mom is getting older and she’s starting to display the “crazy-old lady” mannerisms that I do all the time without the justafiability of being close to retirement.  I look forward to those days when I no longer have to explain myself and people just shrug when I do weird things as opposed to look at me like I’m nuts.

So, Nane, (that was the name I gave her as a kid because “mommy” was too common) Happy Birthday!*

I made you this because I have no money and you love Jean Luc.


*Don’t read the other post I wrote today.

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