Gray Area

It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep.  This is not unusual for me though.  I find that I am able to function on a shockingly low level of sleep.  Maybe I’ve just become accustomed to it.

I enjoy walking around my house in the middle of the night.  At least, I enjoy it after I’ve attempted to go to bed.  Why the qualification?  Because there are no lights on, and my eyes have had the opportunity to adjust to the darkness.  I am able to walk around and see the world in black and white.

There is a science behind it, as you know, there is a spectrum of colors (rainbows).   Colors are formed by refracting light back to our eyes and our brains process which part of the spectrum we are seeing and thus we have colors. Well, at night, there is no light, so there is no refraction.  Well, there’s light, just enough from various electronics or the dissipation of light from the street lamps through the windows to allow me to see the things around me, but it’s all shades of gray.  Like old movies.

So, when I can’t sleep, that’s what I do.  I walk around my house pretending to have heels on (well, more so pretending to be graceful in them) and some amazing dress, preferably with some poof from a petticoat and I am stuck in old television.  I usually choose something with Katherine Hepburn or Lucille Ball and let my mind race.  Sometimes it helps me get to sleep, and other times it just passes the hours.  Either way I spend a few silly moments in my own world.  I could never have lived in that time period and been happy (I’m not a housewife kinda woman), but I love the glamor of it.

That’s where I live, whether there’s light or not, that world full of gray.  That place in between, where yes can be no, wrongs can be right, all with an ounce of perspective.

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