BBQ and Beagles


For the record, Bunny is NOT pooping in this picture. I just wanted something to upload and most of the pictures I’ve taken today are on my camera. This is the best I was able to capture on my phone.

Before I begin, please forgive any errors or poor writing. Miloche chewed through my computer cord (I have the worst luck with computers) and the battery is dead, so I am writing this on my phone. This could take a while.

This is Miloche
This is Miloche

Today has been idyllic. Yes, The Boy broke a bottle of olive oil worth over $20 and then spent the morning cussing and yelling about it, “why do we need this much damn olive oil any how?” “because dear, just because.” but that has been eclipsed by this afternoon.


The weather is beautiful in South Eastern Virginia. It’s over 70 and pork shoulder was on sale for $2 a pound at the Food Lion. The Boy and I have been sitting on the back porch cooking it. I made a rub and he is working his smoker magic.

Sleeping kitty = not yowling kitty = happy mommy.
Sleeping kitty = not yowling kitty = happy mommy.

While it is cooking the cat is sleeping, so it is actually peaceful. The dogs are playing and napping, so it’s not only adorable to watch, but we finally have a break from saying things like, “Miloche, no.”or “Miloche, down” or the all too common “Miloche, spit that out. Where the hell did you even find that?”.

It is perfect. This is precisely what I needed after such a long week and before the start of another.

I hope you have a glorious day too.  Here’s some puppy pictures in case you need a pick me up.

DSCF0305 DSCF0307 DSCF0308 DSCF0309 DSCF0310 DSCF0323 DSCF0324 DSCF0325

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  1. I don’t believe all those lies about Miloche, he is adorable and cute and too sweet to ever misbehave.

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