Working on a Saturday

For a long time in my life I worked weekends.  It was just the way of it.  When I was in college, my most available days were Saturday and Sunday, naturally and I was working full time my senior year, so it was just the way of things that I would work both Saturday and Sunday.

However, in my new position at work I have been lucky enough to work Monday through Friday, which is pretty much the most amazing thing in the world.  I hearts it.  However, we are behind schedule and I don’t like to be behind schedule, so I am in here on a Saturday working.  (For the record, yes it is possible in my job to simultaneously work and write a blog sometimes.  It depends on the task, and at the moment I am able.  Don’t judge me.)

Yesterday, the company bought us all lunch because most departments were so flooded with customer requests many of the departments had to skip their lunch breaks to ensure that all customers were addressed.  The bought A LOT of food.  A LOT.  And there were a lot of fortune cookies.

I love fortune cookies.  Like, I actually enjoy eating them.  As in, I’ve been snacking on them all day.  AND I LOVE IT.


I sent this text message to The Boy:

ME: I enjoy eating fortune cookies.  Is that weird?

His reply:

The Boy: lol, for you, no.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN.  I asked him what that means and he has yet to respond.  Why did I marry that man?

Oh, I remember, but it’s not appropriate to detail in public.


PS: I haven’t forgotten the posts I promised you.  I will try to work on them this weekend.  Gosh.  Blogging is hard.

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