Five years ago today (well, I guess at this hour, yesterday).  There was a tragic shooting at Virginia Tech.  I was in a poetry class, so I wrote about it.  I figured I’d make a bit of a tribute on my blog to that out of respect.  But this poem is more about the reaction of outsiders to any tragedy, and the bond that is immediately formed in support of those impacted.

We are Victims of Tragedy

We heard the news like dominoes
and one by one we all sat down
in front of the TVs to watch
the latest on the continuing drama.
Loved ones are called, in frantic
and hushed voices, the resounding question,
“are you ok?” is asked.
There is comfort in the dense silence
that surrounds us, we are not ready to talk
about it.  Instead, we sit and stare
and wonder, “how could this happen?”
And far away, immersed in the safety of distance,
And moved to inspiration and tribute,
the poets pick up their pens.

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  1. Hey Hotmess my students really enjoy your writing. I know you have several more poems, would you please put them on the site? I especially like “AFORE”

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