It’s Valentine’s Day Time! Show Some Love

If you’ve read anything here, you know I am a fan of Valentine’s Day.  The only thing I hate about Valentine’s Day are those annoying people who do nothing but complain about it.  If it’s not your thing, don’t celebrate it, but stop being an ass to the people who actually enjoy it.


However, I hope that you do celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Whether it’s giving someone an honest Valentine’s card, or making Stud Muffins for your Stud Muffin, show someone some love.  Seriously, especially those people ranting that it’s an over commercialized holiday, or the single people tearing down those in relationships,  please go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.


What I’m suggesting here is not that you find a date in the next 24ish hours and pretend to be in love or anything.  What I mean, is go out and show some love to people who need it.  Maybe bring some chocolates or baked goods, or flowers to your local hospital for the nurses and doctors, or fire houses or police departments.  The Boy and I often bring treats to our local military bases/posts for those on duty during a holiday.


Other awesome ideas, leave those cheesy kids Valentines around town for people to find with notes like, “I hope your day is great!” or “No matter what, remember you’re loved.”.  Or, go to a Children’s hospital with those and candy and maybe some books from a thrift store and give them to the nurses for distribution.


My personal favorite idea?  Find a local women’s shelter and find out what they need and donate whatever you can spare.  Offer to spend some time there, get to know the women and children going through one of the darkest periods of their lives.  These women are brutally alone on a day filled with love.  You may not have a significant other, but they were betrayed and hurt by the person who was supposed to love them the most.  Spend time with those women and remind them they’re special, and worth the difficult .


But, it honestly doesn’t have to be this complicated, maybe just buy coffee for the person behind you, or compliment someone on their shoes, or hair.  Just spend Valentine’s day making someone feel loved.  Trust me, this is 10 times better than other ways of celebrating.


So, there you have it.  The gauntlet has been cast, all you horrible naysayers.  Go out and put some more love into the world.

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