This is NOT a Valentine’s Day Post, even though it’s being posted on Valentine’s day.

Remember when I was talking about The Walking Dead and Zombie Steve Jobs?  Well, I started that post on my lunch break, but didn’t get it finished.

So, I told The High Chancellor of Quality that I was going to go home and work on it.  Except what I really said was, “Oh, I’ve got to finish my Grateful Dead post.” when I meant, “Oh, I’ve got to finish my Walking Dead post”.

Then, he demanded a Grateful Dead post, so here it is:

This is my favorite Grateful Dead song:


Moving on.

What the High Chancellor of Quality actually said was, “I expect to see a Grateful Dead post so I have something other than shampoo bottles to read while pooping.”  I was a little stunned.  Apparently a lot of people read or play on their phones whilst on the toilet.  I guess it’s just me who doesn’t.

I looked incredulous, but, a few days later, he sent me this cartoon from Cyanide and Happiness ( as evidence:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of


I guess I just don’t get it.  But, the cartoon is eerily accurate to our conversation.


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