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I love Doctor Who.

ShareLove it.  I’m a big nerd.  Accept this about me and this will just go a lot easier. I don’t have BBC America, so if you spoil anything from season 7 I will come to your house and put a Weeping Angel in your bathroom. I am currently working on turning an iPhone case into […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day. If you’re into that type of thing. Updated! Now with a new Valentine’s Day Card!

ShareFor the record, I love Valentine’s day. However, I find that most people and companies involved take it way too seriously.  There’s rarely anything funny, and if it is “funny” it’s the same naughty joke.  To make matters worse, it’s usually a day full of lies.  We lie to each other because for some reason […]

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Damnit people, please stop sucking.

ShareTo top it all off, the Javan Rhino is officially extinct.  What the hell, man?  The saddest part? the ignorant comments. You can read the article and see the stupid comments for yourself. (Yes, that is a dead rhino on your screen.  I’m sorry, it’s the only image they had.  And dangit, you need to […]