Stop it or I’ll get Zombie Steve Jobs to eat you.

Before I get into the Zombie Steve Jobs thing, I want to talk about The Walking Dead.  I know the majority of you are all, “Um, we’ve totally been ‘hip’ and ‘with it’ for years now and are not interested in hearing your noob theories on our favorite show, so shut your face. Thankyouverymuch.”  To which I reply:


I don’t need any of your sass and I will do as I please.  You don’t have to be mean about it.

Anyway, back to The Walking Dead.

I just started watching it.  I saw my first full episode last night.  (Stop being dramatic, I didn’t have tv until now.)  The Boy has watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and just assumed I watched them too because I love Zombies and Norman Reedus, (not in that order, and don’t you dare say, “Who’s Norman Reedus?” or we will no longer be friends) so he keeps spoiling the show for me by telling me who’s dead.  It’s really annoying.

Norman Reedus is the one in the bikini all you sad, sorry people.  I less than three you, Norman!

Norman Reedus is the one in the bikini all you sad, sorry people. I less than three you, Norman!

So, yesterday was the first episode we actually watched on the TV because of the whole not having cable thing.  From watching bits and pieces with The Boy, I know who the characters are, but neither of us have seen the first half of season 3, so we spent most of the episode saying things like, “who the hell is that?”  “Why is he all beat up?”  “Where’s the annoying trampy chick?”  “What the hell is going on?”

Even with us not really knowing what was happening, it was an amazing episode.  I look forward to figuring out what the hell is going on.  Though, I will say, because I am new to the series, I am sad that no one is willing to help others.  Like, I get why people are being douches, I just hate that they have to be that way.  We need more people, so killing the living is bad form.

What does this have to do with Zombie Steve Jobs? Besides the obvious zombie correlation, of course.

One day, The Boy and I were driving home from somewhere and he was being a sassy jackass, as usual.  Then this guy who looked exactly like the late great Steve Jobs (who I totally met once when I was on the Apple Campus in Cupertino for Genius training.  Yeah.  It was awesome.  I said, “Hello Mr. Jobs.” and he nodded at me. I get that you’re totally jealous.) So, back to my story.  Steve Jobs was driving by, except Steve had died at least a year earlier.

Fed up with The Boy’s sass I said, “Stop it or I will pull this car over and have zombie Steve Jobs eat you.”

His response? “Holy shit! Since when can zombies drive? This means we have to completely restructure our zombie apocalypse plan of attack.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when I realized I made the best choice ever in marrying that man, sassy though he is.

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