You probably don’t want to admit to knowing me in public, but it’s ok, because I’m used to it.

WAIT.  Don’t get all excited by the title.

First, we have to play catch up because I am a terrible blogger and don’t update you on my life at all.

Last week(ish) I wrote my first guest post on a friend’s blog.  Seeing how she still has a blog and all of her visitors didn’t jump ship as soon as they read my words out of concern that she was willing to even associate with me, I’m going to call it a success.

You can read about it at Arrow in the Eye.

I wrote this after vising my parents at their new house out in the middle of Virginia.  I then promptly got the stomach flu.  Never in my life have I had the flu until that weekend.  UGH. It was miserable.  I don’t understand how people can cope with getting sick like that once a year.  I was miserable and gross for 4 straight days and then generally uncomfortable for like a week after.  I do NOT recommend the stomach flu.  You’ll regret it.  Promise.

Then my dad got a blog.  I shit you not.  It’s called “Ramblings of an Old Guy” and it cracks me up.

You should read it.  And, if you’re ever curious as to why I am the way I am, the last sentence of the post titled “Good News then a rant” will explain my childhood entirely:

“…the manor will begin to look as she should a stately grande dame of a wonderful American past.”

That, Ladies and Gentlemen is the kind of language and attitude my delicate childhood persona was raised around.  (Please understand that I am in NO WAY implying that this is a bad thing.

Next up:

Happy Fall Mo’Fos!



Yep.  YAY.  Fall is my favorite time of year.



I know it’s not technically Autumn until September 22nd, but Starbucks has officially released the Pumpkin Spice Latte, so that’s close enough.  I have a plethora of Pumpkin flavored things: I have Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies, Pumpkin Spice Kisses, and of course I’ve had a Pumpkin Spice Latte nearly every day this week.  I regret NOTHING.


Pumpkins are legitimately one of my favorite things.  They’re adorable and delicious.


Some people look forward to Summertime or Christmas, not me.  October’s where it’s at.  So many good things have happened to me in October.  Plus, it’s practically perfection here in Virginia.  Driving up the highway here in October is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.


That is not an actual picture of the highways in Virginia.  It’s just a really pretty picture that reminded me of the highways, so back to  in Virginia. YAY.

So, last weekend, which was Labor Day weekend, I decided to make a tradition of celebrating the oncoming fall. You can take your cook outs and enjoy it.  I will bake a chicken and eat some apple pie while enjoying the aforementioned pumpkin flavored things.

Most people use Labor Day to celebrate the last weekend of Summer, but that’s just silly to me.  Especially since around here school always starts the Tuesday after Labor Day, so to me, Labor Day has always felt like the start of autumn.

Which brings us back to the reason you probably won’t want to admit to knowing me in public:

Labor Day made me miss being in school.  So, my solution was to make my own school.  I have created a year-long syllabus for myself to read, write, research, and learn.

Yes, you read that right.

I’ve given myself homework.

Can we still be friends?


It’s ok.  I’m used to it.

Since we aren’t bffs anymore, I’m going to post one more picture of pumpkins since I don’t have to worry about judgement anymore.



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