Please Don’t Think I Eat An Exorbant Amount Of Cheese. I Eat a Perfectly Normal Amount Of Cheese, I’m Just Throwing A Party.

First, let me preface with two points, one is that we’ve just got a new HR Person at my company.  I don’t know her actual title, but her job seems to entail organizing everything for the entire company.  Sweet gig.  Second, every week, my company buys us lunch, and our new HR person is in charge of handling the catering nonsense.  Fantastic, right?

Usually.  And then I get involved and make a fool of myself.

It’s a good thing I am not worried about people finding out thinking I’m crazy.

So, I walked up to our new HR Person and said:

Me: Hey, I’m Czaja (this is my first actual conversation with her).  Before you throw away all the leftovers from lunch, will you let me know?  I would like to take them home.

HR Person: *After a pause* Sure, I’ll be clearing out the kitchen later and you can help yourself.

Me: *Realization of the miscommunication* OH!  For the record, I’m not crazy or really into Moe’s, I’m just throwing a baby shower and figured Free Chips and Salsa would come in handy!

I don’t think she believed me about the party, so she must think I’m just really hungry and ashamed of it, because later she said:

HR Person:  If you would like the Chinese from yesterday too that would be fine as well.

I knew it was futile at this point and I was “that girl”, so I decided to just go with it.

We have a date at 2 pm so I can pick up the chips, salsa, and giant thing of cheese.  I should probably back out of it, but then I think it would just make it seem even more like the party was just a cover and I got embarrassed.

I hope my guests like Chinese.

*An Update* – I told the people around me the story of my interaction with the New HR Person and we all had a laugh about how I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to anyone without a chaperone and a list of approved talking points and gone back to our work.

But, then, the other woman in my department walks up and says, “Did you see all the leftover Chinese Food in the fridge?”

She says this was completely unrelated, but I’m not sure I buy that. Whatever.  She talks to herself at her desk.  We all have our own form of crazy.

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