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Oh My God

I am so damn excited. Check this out. Yes, that did just happen.  How awesome is that?  An entire day with Martha.  She would be forced to hang out with me all day no matter how weird I got.  How amazing would that be?  I could tell her how she […]


Protein Packed Vanilla Pancakes

You know those mornings when you’re trying to make a nice, healthy breakfast for your husband and while you’re reaching up way too high to find the vegetable oil to ensure that your pancakes are moist and fluffy the over-priced bag of garlic powder you bought at Whole Foods because […]


Make your own Stud Muffins

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE! I absolutely love Valentine’s Day.  I also hate those lame people who get all sensitive about it.  Or worse, those people who get pissy and say it’s a holiday created by greeting card and candy companies.  I would like to point out that all holidays are […]


Get Ready for the Food Revolution.

I have had a million-dollar restaurant idea.  It’s going to revolutionize the face of the food industry.  The Boy and I have come up with the perfect plan to make MILLIONS.  Only a little wine was involved.  I wanted to document it for the world to see on the internet […]