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#yesallwomen Who’s sick of hearing the “#yesallwomen” tweets and updates that have swept social media since the tragedy in Santa Barbara? Newsflash, you’re part of the problem. A big part. Sorry to hit you with some tough love there, but you may as well get used to it, because the […]

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Bacon Seasoning

I just wrote a post about Dean Winchester’s favorite food, Double Bacon Cheeseburgers.  Seriously, I wrote it like 10 seconds ago. I wanted to separate the recipe for that from the recipe for my bacon spice.  Please don’t tell me that bacon doesn’t need seasoning.  I get it.  A lot […]


The Benefits of Being a Grown Up

You know, there aren’t many benefits of being a grown up what with the bills and and the work and the doing your own laundry and dishes.  But, there are a few benefits to being a grown up and I have compiled a list of awesome grown up activities that […]