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Bacon Seasoning

I just wrote a post about Dean Winchester’s favorite food, Double Bacon Cheeseburgers.  Seriously, I wrote it like 10 seconds ago. I wanted to separate the recipe for that from the recipe for my bacon spice.  Please don’t tell me that bacon doesn’t need seasoning.  I get it.  A lot […]


The Benefits of Being a Grown Up

You know, there aren’t many benefits of being a grown up what with the bills and and the work and the doing your own laundry and dishes.  But, there are a few benefits to being a grown up and I have compiled a list of awesome grown up activities that […]


Oh My God

I am so damn excited. Check this out. Yes, that did just happen.  How awesome is that?  An entire day with Martha.  She would be forced to hang out with me all day no matter how weird I got.  How amazing would that be?  I could tell her how she […]