Oh. By The Way…

I live in Colorado now.  Officially.  It’s exciting.  And cold.  But, I love the snow, and the mountains, and adore the culture out here.


The only problem I have is that I can’t figure out how to bake at this atltitude.  Seriously, nothing is working for me. I’ve failed several times at several baked goods, including a box mix of brownies, and still nothing has been successful.


Thankfully, I married a non-specific bottomless pit, and The Boy ate the disasters without complaint.


For example, I made this fantastic skillet cake and it was delicious.  Except. Sigh. It was simultaneously over cooked and undercooked.  The outside edge was over cooked and crunchy like a rock, and the middle wasn’t cooked at all.  It was like mush.



Hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to bake out here because I love baking and Valentine’s day is coming up.  I’ll definitely want to make more Stud Muffins!

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