Noble Beginnings

So, I was just recently married to a wonderful man, whom we shall refer to as “The Boy”.  That was my nickname for

My Husband is Adorable

him when we first met, and it has kind of stuck.  He’s wonderful and I am very happy, but I must admit, I never considered myself the marrying type.

I would like to make one thing perfectly clear, I am NOT a housewife.  As implied by the title, I am a hot mess express.  So, I figured that as I was learning to be an adult and clean up after myself, and all the won I would shamelessly post it online for the world to see.  I am very liberal and free-spirited and stubbornly feminist, but I love pretty things and cooking.

I have been cooking since I was a child.  My mom taught me and I just took it from there.  When I cook, what I tend to do is find many recipes (thank God for the Googles) and Frankenstein them together along with my own taste preferences until I come up with something delicious.  Well, sometimes it works that way, other times it is atrocious, but that’s part of the fun.
It wasn’t until one day at work that I had brought yet another baked good in and we were discussing the two opposite sides of my personality that I quipped, “if Martha Stewart were a hot mess she’d be like me.”  And thus, the idea of this blog was born.  For example, if Martha Stewart played Roller Derby, or compulsively changed her hair color every few weeks, then we’d practically be twins.

Please, don’t take this as any form of insult, I actually adore Martha Stewart.  I think she’s fantastic.  I also believe that she’s lightened up a bit since prison.

While I don’t grow my own herbs, (I tried once, but they all dried out while they were still planted.  Amazing, I know) I do come up with some delicious and creative dishes.  I could totally have an empire like Martha.  But, let’s take things one step at a time.

These are the friends I make.

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  1. Nane says:

    Hey Ms. HM Martha,
    I understand you “catered” an event recently that had some amazing dishes? Any chance I could get a copy of some of them?

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