My Boss, Cigarettes, Truck Norris, and Shakespeare

Today was an interesting day.

First, I found out my boss reads my blog.  Hi, Boss.

If he didn’t realize how terribly inappropriate I am previously, he does now. That bubble has more than just burst, it’s also been incinerated and the ashes ground into the dirt with extreme emphasis.

Ah, well.  It is what it is.

I needed new tennis shoes for the gym, so I went out after dinner to get some.  Because Bernie (my car) doesn’t have a good heater, The Boy was nice enough to loan me Truck Norris, his embarrassing Red Neck truck.

On my way home at a stop light a guy in another beat up truck pulled up in the lane next to me and started waving for my attention.  I rolled down the window and he asked me if I had a cigarette.  I told him I did I did not as I do not smoke.  His response?  “Good.”

This inspired two trains of thoughts on the rest of my journey home.

1. Have you noticed how smokers always approve of non-smokers in a silly way such as this?  We all do it with our vices.  The things we know we should not do.  We say, “good for you” as if it’s some great accomplishment for someone to have never done something.  I don’t smoke, I never have, so it’s not like I can say I overcome some major addiction or can even comprehend what an addiction like that feels like.

2.  There’s something about a truck and the image of a person from the country.  We all make assumptions about it one way or another. But, it also comes with a sort of immediate community.  I had never experienced it until meeting The Boy, but with a country attitude comes a small town.  It’s one of the things I love most about The Boy.  He is generous and thoughtful to everyone as if they were part of the small town he grew up in and he knew them well.  It’s a trait I wish I had.  You put two country boys together within an hour they’ll be drinking beers and laughing while telling stories as if they were sharing the same memories.    It’s fascinating.  I think The Boy’s truck inspired that.  I doubt the man would have asked me for a cigarette were I in Bernie.  Compared to The Boy and Truck Norris, Bernie and I are distant hipsters.

Then, I came home and started watching Shakespeare Uncovered on PBS because I am a big giant nerd.

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