Mustache Lamp

A few months ago, my husband was sent to Wisconsin for a few weeks for work, so I decided to redo our house.  Naturally, there were a lot of DIY projects.

My favorite, and by far the easiest, was this mustache lamp!

It’s super easy and I did it all without any stencils!  I would say this whole project took me about 30 minutes.

*~* What you will need:*~*

1. A lamp shade of your choice, just make sure it’s clean.

2. A pencil.

3. A stencil or images of mustaches from the internet (make sure they are the size you want for your lampshade.)

4. A thin paint brush.

5. Acrylic paint.

I used a square lamp shade because I like them better and it makes it easier to center the images.  It is also best to get a shade with a solid color or very simple pattern like stripes.  Having too busy a pattern will overwhelm the mustaches.

Of course, you can use any color lamp shade you want, just remember you’re going to be painting it, so you don’t want to use a shade so dark you can’t see the paint.  If you absolutely have to have a dark lampshade, use a fabric paint instead of an acrylic.

*~* Step One:*~*

Using your pencil, draw the mustaches directly onto the lampshade.

If you aren’t comfortable with just sketching the image free-hand use a stencil.  Another trick is if you’re using a light colored lamp shade like mine, you can print out the image, tape it to the inside of the shade and turn the light on while you trace it.  this will show the image and allow a more exact rendering!

*~* StepTwo: *~*

Paint it! (yep, it’s really that easy!)

How stinking cute is that?  I love this lamp.


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