I like big words

I’d follow that up with “and I cannot lie,” but, I feel like that’s been played out.  But, just so you know, the song is now stuck in my head:

God. Damnit.


At least there’s an orchestra.  That makes it classy, right?


So, I’ve been studying vocabulary.  Because I want to take the GREs, not because I’m just super nerdy.  Even though I am totally super nerdy. (According to The Boy.  Thanks, honey.) ::cough:: jackass.


I just started, so I’m at the start of the A’s, and I’ve been learning quite a bit despite the fact that of the 10 words I’m starting with, only 1 was brand new to me.  “Abstemious”  (aab stee me uhs).  It’s also my favorite word.  It’s fun to say.  It means “moderate in appetite”.  Not just hunger, but appetite for anything.  I felt like I should clear that up because when I was talking to The Boy about it, I said, “Some people feel that after marriage a couple’s passion becomes abstemious,” and he thought abstemious just meant boom boom.  It could also be used as, “The Boy and I have little in common as his taste for reading and my taste for the great outdoors are both abstemious.”


It’s a good word.


I did learn that “abscond” does NOT mean to steal.  It means “to leave secretly”.  Which, totally makes more sense, because you abscond with something, you don’t abscond something.  I kinda felt dumb after that.  29 years and the lightbulb for that word just now goes off.


There was a definition I don’t agree with.  Their description of abyss is “an extremely deep hole”.  Am I the only one who thinks that description is a bit oversimplified and does not truly depict the meaning of the word abyss?  An abyss is nothingness.  It is devoid of life and light, and that’s what gives that particular word power.  Would you call the Grand Canyon (we won’t get into my opinions on the creativity of that word at this time.) an abyss?  According to that definition, you would.  I feel like “abyss” has a more solemn and lonely.  Maybe it’s just me.  It’s probably just  me.


So, there you have it, my most boring post ever because it’s essentially a vocabulary lesson.  But, hey, at least I’m back.  I’ve had a rough few months at work, and because it’s unprofessional to air things like that for the world to see, I won’t.  Instead of ranty words and frustrations, you get vocabulary.  Lucky you.


Also, apparently, some nudie pics of celebrities were leaked and people are mad at the celebrities?!?  Hello, 1954, good to see you again.  Seriously, can’t we all be pissed at the hacker and all the media outlets being disrespectful and sharing clearly private pictures.  Be honest with yourself, if you’ve never taken a nude pic, you’re either really boring, or lying, and quite frankly, I’m not interested in associating with you.   Let’s not blame these ladies for being human, or even say it’s their fault for having weak passwords.  Let’s blame the asshole who assumed those images had a right to be viewed by anyone without their owner’s permission.  The real indecencies here are the people demonizing, manipulating, and gaining profit and notoriety from these women’s bodies.


See?  You did get ranty words.  Bonus!

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