Let’s Try Something New

So, I was working, and another two co-workers were discussing something and one looks to the other and says: “I don’t know if you know this, but I hate you.  You are an awful, disgusting human being.”

The reason behind this was his opinion on a rather sensitive subject.  She didn’t agree with it, and this was her response.

Beyond the obvious, “how immature and unprofessional of her” lies something true, she too is an awful, disgusting human being.  She is being horrible to him because he doesn’t agree with her.

I have noticed this trend in out culture a lot more.  We have all been entitled and we all think that everyone should live the life we dictate for them.  Doesn’t that, by it’s very nature, defeat the purpose of freedom?  How can we all be free if we are forced to live the life that makes you comfortable, that fits in the confines of your personal beliefs and religion?

This is something that both sides of the spectrum, liberal and conservative, need to learn.  You hear liberals demanding freedom of choice for women, and freedom of marriage for all, but then also demanding to rescind the rights of gun ownership.  How does this make sense?  If you are willing to fight for equal rights for some, you need to be willing to fight for them for all.  Please stop being entitled, pretentious pricks.

Of course, Fox news and the conservatives are loud and open with their ideas of control.  “less government for all! Unless you’re a woman or gay, then fuck you, we’re putting the government all up in your business.”  Seriously?  Do me a favor, and shut the hell up.  Jackass.  Keep your religion out of my government.  Isn’t that an easy lesson to learn from other parts of the world?  Don’t let one religion influence the government in any way or you end up in a horrible situation?  Hell, we even have evidence of that in our own history (research the Salem witch trials).

So, here’s my proposition.  If you believe in freedom and equality, believe in it for everyone.  Learn to mind your own damned business, and just be nice to everyone you meet, even if you hate them and think they are awful, disgusting human beings.  You’ll probably find that not only are you making other people happier, but you are happier too because you’re not trying to control others.  It’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to disagree.  Have your passions, live by them, but don’t take the right to be happy away from others.

Thank you.

[Steps off soap box]

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