It’s the Little Things

At work, we give The High Chancellor of Quality a hard time.  Every. Day.  He, of course, doesn’t take it lying down, but there are more of us and only one of him, so he tends to be the butt of the jokes.

Every time he goes for lunch, we ask for ice cream, or cup cakes, or something ridiculous, and then complain when he comes back empty handed.

Today was different.  TODAY HE BOUGHT US ICE CREAM CAKE.


"Your Boss Is Awesome"
“Your Boss Is Awesome”


Yes, that cake does say, “Your Boss is Awesome”.  I asked him what the lady said when he asked her to write that on it.  Apparently she asked if he actually is awesome.  His response was, “Well, I’m buying them a cake, aren’t I?”

In gratitude for the cake, I would like to go on public record as saying that my boss is awesome.  When he brings us ice cream cake.

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  1. I must say I am stricken, why is my blog not on your blogtastic section. I guess it’s only for female blogs. SO SAD!

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