Isn’t it Spring yet?

I keep feeling like it’s Spring.  But, it’s not.  So, every time I step outside and am cold I get a little sad inside.

But, I really want to start cooking fresh fruit cookies and preserves.  And I want to go camping and fishing with The Boy.  I’m ready for it all.

It’s not been too terribly cold around here in South Eastern Virginia, so I think that warm day we had last week has set my mind a racing towards warm weather and spending time outside.

We live on the Bay, so I’m thinking of a lot of weekends spent at the beach with fancy picnics. OH! And I got a frozen wine thingy at the WalMart last night.  I’m REALLY looking forward to breaking that thing out and sipping wine0coloadas on my back porch.  Life will be sweet.

I usually don’t look forward to Spring.  I’m a hermit, so it doesn’t really mean much to me.  Also, I’m miserably allergic to pollen, so Spring and I have never been BFFs.  But, this year it’s different.  I blame The Boy.  He makes me happier than usual and makes me look forward to spending time outside with him.  Dang him.

Even though it’s no where near Spring, I’m thinking it’s time to start making some Spring inspired foods. Blueberry lemon poppyseed muffins anyone? Hol.Ler.

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