So, The High Chancellor of Quality wants to be in a band again, but he doesn’t know who to ask.

I told him I’d totally be in a band with him because I have my very own acoustic bass guitar that I don’t know how to play and I love to sing.  We could totally be the worst band ever.  But, based on the musical tastes of kids these days (yes, I did just show my age) we could still become famous.

He wanted to name the band The Sack Scabs.  I vetoed it for obvious reasons:

Me: What would we name the world’s worst band?
High Chancellor of Quality: The Sack Scabs
Me: ….
Me: does that involve manbits?
High Chancellor of Quality: scabby manbits
Me: ew.
Me: How about The Sack Scabs and That Apathetic Chick?
High Chancellor of Quality: too long
High Chancellor of Quality: how about The Apathetic Sack Scabs?
Me: hm.
High Chancellor of Quality: see? compromise.
Me: I’m not sure I like the sexist undertones of being referred to as a sack scab.
High Chancellor of Quality: oh

His next suggestion?  The Giner Boys.

I have no idea what that means, and honestly, I’m afraid to Google it.  But, whatever, The Giner Boys it is.  It will be assumed that I am not involved in whatever debauchery the title claims because I’m not a boy, right???

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