I love Doctor Who.

Love it.  I’m a big nerd.  Accept this about me and this will just go a lot easier.

I don’t have BBC America, so if you spoil anything from season 7 I will come to your house and put a Weeping Angel in your bathroom.

I am currently working on turning an iPhone case into a Tardis and I don’t even have an iPhone.  YET.  I should explain that I will have an iPhone this week.  I am making the case now so it will be ready for immediate use.  Also,  I am still waiting on the gemstones to arrive.  I had to special order them to find the right shade of Tardis blue.

Funny story about Doctor Who, you can’t start in the middle and expect to enjoy it.  If you randomly watch an episode, you will probably find it funny, but you will also be totally lost.  Now that it’s on Netflix, I highly recommend watching it from the start.  I started with the 2005 remake, so it’s not like you have to go all the way back to the 1960s to appreciate it, but if you start in the middle of one of the series, you will not love it.

I know this from experience.  One of my BFFs, Beffie, watched it and I came by her house while she was watching a Dr. Tennet, Dr. Donna episode and she started explaining things to me.  Things like, “well, he lost his hand after regenerating, so he was able to put the regeneration energy into it and now there’s two of him.” and “They were in love, but he had to trap her in an alternate dimension to save her life and has been unable to be with her without ripping the whole of time and space into bits.”

To a Whovian, those things make sense and have strong emotional tugs.  However, to a normal person, they’re crazy talk.  So, you have to start from the start.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

And you’ll fall in love with all the characters (except Martha, no one really likes Martha).  Except, you’ll hate all the new characters for about 20 minutes, but by the end of their first episode, you’ll love them (again, except Martha).  It’s the way of it.  This show has a revolving door cast, which is intensely annoying, but the actors and writers make characters so loveable that you immediately forgive them  while at the same time longing for something the other character would have done.

It’s the life of a Moffat fan.

So, your homework for this week is to go out and watch Doctor Who so I can say things like, “If they were meeting each other in the correct order, they never would have fallen in love.  They got to know one another because the other one already knew them and their relationship and basically they convinced each other to be in a relationship at different times.” and it will make sense.  Basically, embrace Doctor Who and embrace the crazy talk.


Also, this image will make more sense if you watch Doctor Who. We’ll be better friends for it in the long run. Trust me.


  1. We love Doctor Who; and you’re right about nothing making sense if you don’t become a Whovian in the right order. Once, my son and I were in the car with our pastor. My son, who was 10 or 11 at the time, was attempting to explain Weeping Angels to the pastor. It went something like, “Weeping Angels are the scariest thing ever. Because they kill you by stealing your time. Never blink. Because they’re statues when you’re looking at them, and then they look like vampire demon angels. Like this…” (cue my son with a horrible grimace, arms up and out Weeping Angel death-grab style; cue our pastor with a confused look.)

    My sister watched everything from 9 through the first two seasons of 11 in a few short weeks after we finally convinced her. I got a kick out of her texts: “Ugh. I don’t like doctor 10….OMG, nevermind, I’m in love with 10…The Doctor and Rose 4-ever…OMG, the sads!…Really…Martha…Agh. Martha was better than Donna…Oh, Donna’s growing on me…”

    Also, my brother-in-law’s favorite companion? Martha.

  2. Haha! Yes, that’s always the way it is with me. I hate the changes for about half of the first episode, then I love them! Have you check to see if your brother in law is a ganger and just confused? Maybe that’s why he loves Martha so much!

  3. He says he likes Martha because she’s the smartest. Also, he still prefers RTD over Moffat.
    My sister doesn’t have BBCA either, so she has to wait until the next day and pays to download the episodes. Saturday nights, I usually get a text that says, “You’re probably watching Doctor Who right now. I hate you.”

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