I don’t have a witty title (or even a boring title) for this post yet, but it has to do with LP.

One of the things I do at my job is listen to other people’s phone calls to make sure they don’t suck.  It’s probably the dullest thing on the planet and will, eventually turn my brain to mush.  There are some things I have just had to come to terms with.

But, there is always a silver lining.  This one is that I am able to surf the web or knit at my desk whilst listening to people get really confused about how to use the interwebs.

Today, I was checking in on The Blogess because she is hilarious, and I found this gem of a post.

Of course, it’s funny as usual, but if you scroll to the bottom where she links to some of her discoveries, you are bound to find a whole new level of fun.

Today I discovered the woman I will one day marry.  Even though I’m currently married. To a man. And lady to lady marriages aren’t technically legal. Yet.

She had this link to LP’s Into the Wild and I fell in love.  Again.  I paused my job, that which pays my bills, and listened.  The first time through I closed my eyes and let the majesty roll over me.  It’s my favorite kind of music.  I pictured myself outside, free, in a dress with a flowey skirt and beads around my  neck and wrists.  I was spinning and doing my terrible rendition of a hippie dance.  It was glorious.  That is, until my boss threw a wad of paper at me because I was also doing said dance in my seat.

So, I went back to work.  For like 12 seconds.  I played it again.  This time, I watched the video.  Wide-eyed and open-mouth, I stared, occasionally bringing my hand to my mouth in delight.  It was totally not creepy.  Unless, of course you had no idea what was going on or assumed I was drooling.  Hopefully they just think I have a drug problem and I don’t become the office creeper.

Then I listened to like 4 bajillion more hours of LP and all the songs I could find on YouTube even though we have been told not to watch You Tube in the office because it eats up bandwidth.  Then, I Googled LP and found her website: iamlp.com

Then, I stole this picture of her new album, Into the Wild:

Then, to continue the creepy internet stalking, I signed up for her newsletter and looked her up on Facebook.  We’re totally BFFs now.

LP, consider yourself girl crushed.

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