Fictional Men Are So Irritating

I think I’ve said this a couple hundred times, but I am a fan of the written word.  I grew up around it, as both of my parents were avid readers.  My office is just a desk and some curtains and walls of books because I like to feel surrounded by them.  (Ok, admittedly, there is a gun display case in my office full of guns and geeky figurines from my Loot Crate subscription, which I highly recommend, but that’s only until I can move it out of here for the Boy.)


Anyhow, back to my point.  I like to read.  I’m a nerd, and that’s fine by me, because I can survive anything as long as I have a few good books.


My current read is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which I am quite enjoying.  My mother listened to it on cd when I was younger, and there are some parts I recall from riding in the car with her.  You can actually buy it on Amazon on paperback or for your Kindle.  I guess you’d describe the book as a romance, because it’s centers around the relationship of the main characters, Claire an English nurse from the late 1940s (which should be enough to tell you she was involved in the war) and her husband Jaime, a Scottish lord from the 18th century (I know, right?)  There’s time travel, and violence, and love, and LOTS of boom boom.


But, fear not, it’s not your standard smutty harlequin sex scenes, don’t think I’m not in favor of those, but it’s presented in a more subtle way.  No throbbing members get inserted into trembling orifices.  But, it’s still quite a lusty read.  Not my usual stuff, but I dig it.  I was drawn in by the time travel.  Fantasy and history smashed together? Yes, please!


I swear I have a point, that leads to the title.  I’m just setting the scene.


Gabaldon creates a wonderful relationship between Claire and Jaime and that, I think, is why I enjoy it so much.  Most romance (the kind that is really more erotica than anything) misses that point.  The relationship doesn’t ring true.  It’s too fast or all lust.  But, Claire and Jaime feel real, they laugh when they’re trying to make love, they tease each other, they worry for one another, and they fight like there’s no tomorrow.  While Jaime often says things no man would say, but every woman longs to hear, the overall feel of their relationship is quite real.


So real, in fact, that Jaime often reminds me of The Boy.  Except, of course, when he eloquently expresses his feelings.  That is so not The Boy.  But, he is brave, caring, stubborn, protective, strong, witty, and clueless to the ways of women, much like The Boy.


As a matter of fact, Jaime reminds me so much of The Boy, that sometimes when Jaime does something stupid or annoying, or refuses to listen, I get mad at The Boy.  I wish I could say that this irrational behavior is new and not something that happens to me with every story I read or movie I see, or television show I watch, but it’s not.  It’s pretty frequent.  The Boy is just used to getting smacked if he sits too near me at any time.


In my defense, the smacks aren’t always because someone’s done something dumb, but I also smack him when I’m happy.  It’s enthusiasm.  I’m not crazy, and I know I can’t be the only person who does that.


Long story short, fictional characters are ruining my marriage.  Or, I need therapy.  One or the other.

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