Damnit people, please stop sucking.

To top it all off, the Javan Rhino is officially extinct.  What the hell, man?  The saddest part? the ignorant comments.

Image Courtesy of ouramazingplanet.com

Image Courtesy of ouramazingplanet.com

You can read the article and see the stupid comments for yourself.

(Yes, that is a dead rhino on your screen.  I’m sorry, it’s the only image they had.  And dangit, you need to feel bad.  It’s really sad.)

Some of my “favorite” comments:

“Why weren’t we made aware of this sooner?” well, probably because you don’t really care.  If you did, you’d make sure you were aware of such situations.  Also, what would you have done?  Honestly?  Probably the same thing you’re doing now, “Golly gee, I wish there were something I could do…”  You want to help, volunteer at organizations that try to prevent animals from going extinct.  Check the products you use to see where they came from.  Support more green companies.  Put effort in it for Christ’s sake.

“The Vietnamese must be more selfish than the rest of the world.” Are you fucking serious?  Do you even know where Vietnam is?  Are you even aware we were involved in a war over there?  Can you spell your own name?  Perhaps, because Vietnam doesn’t have government mandated education (not that it’s done much good for you) people aren’t aware of this.  Or how about the fact that in small, isolated villages things like modern medicine and the internet don’t exist.  That’s right, they can’t take Tylenol when they have a pain and they can’t look up cat pictures and make ignorant generalizations about complex problems to pass the time.

Maybe I should stop posting until I am less cranky.  Let’s do that.  I think I’ll go look at pictures of cats.

Could this be why no one comments on my page?  Because I’m mean?  In my defense, I wouldn’t be so mean if you weren’t so dumb.

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