Cook Off

I literally just got an email from our HR department stating that on August 21st, my company would be having a cook off!

I AM SO EXCITED. Of course, that may just be the excessive amount of coffee I had this morning, but I am like 90% sure it’s the cook off.

We’re actually having 3 cook offs, one for each shift.  I am hoping I can enter each one with a different dish.

UGH. I am so stinking excited.

Here are the rules:

Any category of food is acceptable, it will be sampling sizes.

It will be given out at lunchtime at work, so my co-workers are my judge as they will be voting on their favorite dish.

The cook off is taking place on August 21st.

PROBLEM: I have NO IDEA what to make. I can’t decide.  Let me give you a bit of a demographic in my office:

*Young (average age range is 20-25, with outliers on each end)

*Male (I’d say 70-75% male)

*geeks (I work in technology, we’re geeks, we like Red Bull and Mt. Dew).


I feel like I have a reputation to keep up.  I’ve won cooking competitions before and I have this blog, so there’s a lot of honor at stake here.

Please, help me choose what to do! Any idea is a good idea.

My previous award winner.


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