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I work at a tech company full of inappropriate men. This is a record of my attempts to adjust to that.

Musings, Things I Can't Say At Work


ShareSo, The High Chancellor of Quality wants to be in a band again, but he doesn’t know who to ask. I told him I’d totally be in a band with him because I have my very own acoustic bass guitar that I don’t know how to play and I love to sing.  We could totally […]

Musings, Things I Can't Say At Work

Please Don’t Think I Eat An Exorbant Amount Of Cheese. I Eat a Perfectly Normal Amount Of Cheese, I’m Just Throwing A Party.

ShareFirst, let me preface with two points, one is that we’ve just got a new HR Person at my company.  I don’t know her actual title, but her job seems to entail organizing everything for the entire company.  Sweet gig.  Second, every week, my company buys us lunch, and our new HR person is in […]