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Oh. By The Way…

ShareI live in Colorado now.  Officially.  It’s exciting.  And cold.  But, I love the snow, and the mountains, and adore the culture out here.   The only problem I have is that I can’t figure out how to bake at this atltitude.  Seriously, nothing is working for me. I’ve failed […]

When C3P0 Married Han Solo

ShareConfession: I have a huge crush on Harrison Ford.  I’ve always had a crush on Han Solo (but, really who hasn’t?*)     but just this week, we bought the box set of the Indiana Jones movies and I realized it’s not just Han that I love.     Harrison […]

The Great Adventure

ShareI have been a bit quiet about my life lately. Well, I know I’ve been quiet about everything lately, but that’s mostly because my life has been filled only with work and the impending move that is the topic of this post. The Boy and I are moving to Denver, […]

I have discovered a distaste for television.

ShareIronically, I discovered my dislike for television after attempting to upgrade my cable package.  TV is ridiculously expensive, and my husband and I are getting a decent discount.  But, still, when I realized how much we are paying every year for TV and internet, I was displeased.  To make matters […]