Life Changing Rants

It’s Valentine’s Day Time! Show Some Love

ShareIf you’ve read anything here, you know I am a fan of Valentine’s Day.  The only thing I hate about Valentine’s Day are those annoying people who do nothing but complain about it.  If it’s not your thing, don’t celebrate it, but stop being an ass to the people who […]

When I Think About Love

ShareThere are a lot of accusations flying around blaming tv, movies, books, and even fairy tales for giving people an unrealistic view of love.  It’s probably true, there are a lot of people I know who live in a fantasy land that love is easy and no one is ever […]

Happy Banned Books Week!

ShareDid you know there are people out there still trying to ban books from schools and libraries?  Have you noticed how there is always someone trying to infringe upon the freedom of others because they are afraid?  I’m not just talking about books, but pretty much we’re always trying to […]

I like big words

ShareI’d follow that up with “and I cannot lie,” but, I feel like that’s been played out.  But, just so you know, the song is now stuck in my head: God. Damnit.   At least there’s an orchestra.  That makes it classy, right?   So, I’ve been studying vocabulary.  Because […]


Share#yesallwomen   Who’s sick of hearing the “#yesallwomen” tweets and updates that have swept social media since the tragedy in Santa Barbara? Newsflash, you’re part of the problem. A big part. Sorry to hit you with some tough love there, but you may as well get used to it, because […]

I don’t think you really know what a best friend is.

ShareSo, I read this article: And I read it because of the title; it drew me in.  Nice job, Robin, good writing.  I don’t usually do this; I’m not the kind of person to post things I disagree with online because I think that’s kind of silly, and I […]

I have discovered a distaste for television.

ShareIronically, I discovered my dislike for television after attempting to upgrade my cable package.  TV is ridiculously expensive, and my husband and I are getting a decent discount.  But, still, when I realized how much we are paying every year for TV and internet, I was displeased.  To make matters […]