Sometimes I go places or do crazy things.  These are my adventures.

It’s the Little Things

ShareAt work, we give The High Chancellor of Quality a hard time.  Every. Day.  He, of course, doesn’t take it lying down, but there are more of us and only one of him, so he tends to be the butt of the jokes. Every time he goes for lunch, we […]

Bacon Seasoning

ShareI just wrote a post about Dean Winchester’s favorite food, Double Bacon Cheeseburgers.  Seriously, I wrote it like 10 seconds ago. I wanted to separate the recipe for that from the recipe for my bacon spice.  Please don’t tell me that bacon doesn’t need seasoning.  I get it.  A lot […]

Let’s Try Something New

ShareSo, I was working, and another two co-workers were discussing something and one looks to the other and says: “I don’t know if you know this, but I hate you.  You are an awful, disgusting human being.” The reason behind this was his opinion on a rather sensitive subject.  She […]

According to stores, it’s almost fall.

ShareHas anyone else noticed that?  I know every blogger at some point in his or her life gripes about the fact that stores prepare for the next season waaaayyy too early. But, that’s not this post. This post is about how exciting it all is.  As you know, Autumn is […]

Memorial is a fancy word for Remember

ShareWell, sort of. Technically, according to Dictionary dot com, the definitions are as follows: me·mo·ri·al [muh-mawr-ee-uhl, -mohr-] Show IPA noun 1. something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday. 2. a written statement of facts presented to a sovereign, a legislative body, […]

Oh My God.

ShareThis is so exciting. Oh. My. Jesus. Check this out. Yes, that did just happen.  How awesome is that?  An entire day with Martha.  She would be forced to hang out with me all day no matter how weird I got.  How amazing would that be?  I could tell her […]

I love Doctor Who.

ShareLove it.  I’m a big nerd.  Accept this about me and this will just go a lot easier. I don’t have BBC America, so if you spoil anything from season 7 I will come to your house and put a Weeping Angel in your bathroom. I am currently working on […]