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Blackberry White Chocolate Scones

ShareIt’s Monday, let’s bake something. If you’re just here for the recipe and not for any of my charming ramblings, you can skip to the recipe if you want. I won’t take it personally. Probably. Mondays Were Made for Baking Mondays are rough, so make them a little sweeter with […]

Fudge Friday! – Lazy Lady Eggnog Fudge Recipe

ShareHello All!  Who’s excited for this Eggnog Fudge Recipe!?   Quick update on my life – new location, sort of.  We’re back in VA.  New JOB! woohoo.  I am already a bajillion times happier.  The only bad thing about my new job is that one of the girls in the […]

It’s Valentine’s Day Time! Show Some Love

ShareIf you’ve read anything here, you know I am a fan of Valentine’s Day.  The only thing I hate about Valentine’s Day are those annoying people who do nothing but complain about it.  If it’s not your thing, don’t celebrate it, but stop being an ass to the people who […]

I slugged my husband in the face this morning.

ShareThat title really makes me seem like a horrible person, but in my defense, I was totally asleep. Every morning, before leaving for school or whatever activity he has planned at the ungodly hour of 5ish in the morning, The Boy kisses me good bye.  Most mornings, I am very […]

When I Think About Love

ShareThere are a lot of accusations flying around blaming tv, movies, books, and even fairy tales for giving people an unrealistic view of love.  It’s probably true, there are a lot of people I know who live in a fantasy land that love is easy and no one is ever […]

Happy Banned Books Week!

ShareDid you know there are people out there still trying to ban books from schools and libraries?  Have you noticed how there is always someone trying to infringe upon the freedom of others because they are afraid?  I’m not just talking about books, but pretty much we’re always trying to […]