When C3P0 Married Han Solo


I have a huge crush on Harrison Ford.  I’ve always had a crush on Han Solo (but, really who hasn’t?*)


Hello, Dashing.
Hello, Dashing.


but just this week, we bought the box set of the Indiana Jones movies and I realized it’s not just Han that I love.


Ruggedly Handsome...
Ruggedly Handsome…


And brilliant.  I have a thing for men in glasses.
And brilliant. I have a thing for men in glasses.

Harrison Ford in general is quite dreamy.

Silver - Fucking - Fox
Silver – Fucking – Fox

It just so happens, however, that I have married a man who is just like Han Solo.  Adorable, clever, even tempered, and often an ass.  His Millenium Falcon just happens to be a redneck truck, but overall, the similarities are ridiculous.  I’m a lucky lady.  Also, he finds my crush on Harrison Ford bemusing, so what more can a geeky girl ask for?


Watching The Star Wars (original, of course) has alerted me to another alarming similarity.  I am not Princess Leah as I always like to think I am.  I am totally C3P0 and I don’t know what to make of that.  I’m the annoying, nagging, overly-logical and practical one who knows just enough random facts to be obnoxious.  I truly hope that I am as endearing as C3Po at least.

If I have to be as annoying as him, why can't I also be as skinny?
If I have to be as annoying as him, why can’t I also be as skinny?

*If you say you prefer Luke, we are no longer friends.  Luke is a whiny baby, Han is awesome.  I always wished that Leah had been the “chosen one” because she was so much more bad ass than Luke.  But, I think that would have been too radical for the time.



Now that I have thoroughly alienated all normal people, I’m going to go back to watching the end of The Empire Strikes Back.  No judgement, please.

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